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WE ARE AWARE THAT 4 (16) APPEARS BROKEN. Just click the google docs link in the title and not the html link, for some reason the html link keeps breaking

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thirdworldtwo sent: hi! can i ask if there is somewhere i can see the chapter 5 cutscene where komaeda blows up the lobby in japanese audio? thanks in advance!

if you mean the video linked to in the relevant part (chapter 5 part 5, link goes to vimeo), it is already in japanese!

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vacantvisionary sent: RE the ask you just got on Birdman Ronpa: someone put up a mirror at the tumblr - fittingly enough - "kuzuhikomirror".



here you go!! :)

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marchie-monrey sent: do you happen to know anything about the password block on kuzuhiko's tumblr page? I wanted to read up to where ya'll bounced off from, but I don't have a password to put in and I don't want to spoil the end of chapter 3 for myself by starting here.

i’m afraid we’re not affiliated with kuzuhiko other than working from where they left off so i don’t know anything about the password :( sorry!! — vector

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riu-and-panda sent: I'm sorry if it has been asked before, but does the second game have a bad ending like the first game?

it doesn’t, no, all alternate choices made in the final stages just lead to game overs

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oreosgivebirthtoicecream sent: is there a way you could fix chapter 4(16)??

like we said before, click the google docs link in the title, not the html page link

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araneaesgrip sent: When going on part 16 of chapter 4 there is only an error message that pops up. Have you looked into that?


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beepboop1010101-deactivated2014 sent: Hey... just wanted to gives you a heads up but part 16 of chapter 4 is not working ):

i’m not sure what the problem is with the html page but the google drive page looks like it’s loading fine so i’d use that

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doodles-stuff sent: I'd hate to be a pest but.... The videos after part 4 of chapt. 5 trial don't have English subtitles and I know that there's a html page but I feel I really need to watch the video? Please help >.<

they do! are you sure you have closed captioning on?

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Anonymous sent: Could you please remove or refrain from putting your sidenotes, I'm sure they're interesting to yourself but for those of us who want to be immersed in a rich story, it's quite alarming and kind of annoying.

yo buddy it’s our translation we can comment if we want to —vector

anon two weeks ago i literally spent hours going back and deleting 95% of our comments because someone else caught me when i was in a heavy destructive self-hate spiral like, theres barely anything there, what more do you want from us. should we go back and excise all of our non-strictly-story comments on this tumblr too - jinah

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Anonymous sent: um hey!!! me and a few other members of the dangan ronpa community were discussing your translation and a few of us are very uncomfortable (myself included) with some of your comments during the translations... we would appreciate if you could maybe? remove them? if that's not too much trouble. sorry some of them have made me and others very uncomfortable especially your ones about kuzuryuu and komaeda.

i wasnt planning on doing anything else tonight so

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